Matthew Czaplinski, LICSW


Matthew Czaplinski, LICSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice in Arlington, Massachusetts, and a Teaching Associate in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Matt works with individual adults and couples, age 18 and older. His work as a therapist is to listen carefully to his clients’ problems, to explore with them what gets in the way of living a fulfilling life, and to help them transform difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth. Matt's graduate and post-graduate training included psychodynamic, family and cognitive therapies, and he also uses his background in meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction.  These approaches help his clients to increase awareness and insight, to make positive choices, and to find peace of mind.  Matt holds the perspective that everyone has parts of themselves that conflict--that getting to know these internal mind states can lead the way to inner healing and greater harmony with oneself and others.

Matt applies specific skills to the unique background, situation and personality of each person he works with.  He is particularly interested in how his clients view themselves in life and society, and how the stories they tell about themselves can be more empowering.
  Matt specializes in working with people seeking help with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, relationships, life decisions, creative and spiritual struggles, concerns about sex and sexuality, loss and illness.

Matthew Czaplinski, LICSW

661 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 14

Arlington, MA 02476

(617) 718-7080

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